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Basic Technical Analysis for share market Explained

The goal of this tutorial is to provide a foundation for understanding technical analysis that need to done before you take any buying / short selling decisions in stock market as a day trader. A1 Intraday Tips has provided this very important information for day trader so that they can learn the same and are likely to make profits in day trading in share market.

Types Of Share market Analysis

To Trade in Share market a Trader who want to invest for a long term horizon does fundamental anaysis. While a trader who want to trade intraday or for a short duration is required to do Technical Analysis before taking buying or short selling decisions in stock market.

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

A1 Intraday Tips team has given basic information of Technical analysis that will help traders to gain a basic idea about the Technical analysis.

Technical analysis can be define as a study of predicting future price movements in a stock, based on the earlier price movements in the Stock in Nse share market. Technical analysis is the study of Prices with Charts being the Primary Tool over a period of time. It deals with the forces of Demand & Supply of shares as they changed hands from seller to buyers as reflected in the behavior of the share market.

Volume Indicator in Technical Analysis

Volume-based indicators represent another important group of indicators used in technical analysis.
The word "volume" denotes the overall amount of contracts (stocks, currency lots or futures) that was traded in the market during the given period of time.

Volume can be viewed according to selected timeframe, i.e. we can view the volume traded for one minute, one hour or one day. This technical indicator is based on the premise that higher volume traded in the market means that more traders are willing to execute their trades at the current prices. They either believe that current pricing of the contracts is correct or that the trend will still remain in effect for some time. Conversely, if the volume is low, there are only few people willing to execute their trades at the current prices, which mean that they either believe that the current pricing of the contract is inadequate or that the trend is going to reverse soon.

Volume is the important element of Technical Analysis.

Volumes indicator provide a clue to the intensity of the given price move for the stock in share market.
  • Low Volumes – Indecisive or Consolidation Phase.
  • High Volumes – high volumes can make market go higher whereas a high volume caused by panic selling can bring the market down.

A1 Intraday Tips share tips prices

Moving Average

A moving average is one of the most flexible as well as most-commonly used technical analysis indicators. It is highly popular among traders, mostly because of its simplicity of use. Indicator showing an average value of a stock price. As the stock price changes so does the average price. Time Period for which an average is calculated is very important. ( 5-13-26). Moving average strategies are also popular and can be tailored to any time frame, suiting both long term investors and short-term traders in any type of markets depending on the trader’s trade horizon. Trader need to adjust the moving average’s so it provides more accurate signals on historical data may help create better future signals.

Moving averages are calculated based on historical data which can give a idea about the future trends that may happen in the stock market. The Actual results may vary over the time.

Simple Moving Average example : if has a trader if you want to make a 10-day moving average, you just add up all the closing prices during the last 10 days and then divide it by 10.

When the price crosses above the moving average line, it implies the start of a new upward trend and hence it means a buy signal for the stock. On the other hand, if the price crosses under the moving average line and the market also closes in this area, it signals the start of a downward trend and hence it constitutes a selling signal in share market for the stock.

Type of Moving Average

Most Commonly Used Averages

  • Simple Average
  • Exponential Average
  • Weighted Average

Bullish Patterns

  • Bullish Piercing.
  • Bullish Engulf.
  • Hammer (if occurs @ bottom of a trend)
  • Morning Star

Bearish Patterns

  • Bearish Piercing.
  • Bearish Engulf.
  • Inverted Hammer at top
  • Evening Star.
  • Hanging Man

Types Of Stock Market Analysis by Chart

Sample chart

basic knowledge of technical analysis in share market

Higher Top & Higher Bottom is Uptrend.

basic knowledge of technical analysis in share market

Lower top & Lower Bottom is down trend.

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