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Q. What is Intraday Trading in Nse share market ?

A.Intradayay trading means day trading Traders have to square up his all position before closing the Nse Stock Market on same day. In intraday trading, traders can not carry forward position for next trading session. Read more About Intraday Trading.

Q. What is Intraday Exposure ?

A.Intraday exposure means in Intraday trading traders is getting extra margin for only day trading from brokers or from online trading company like India Info, India bulls, Motilal oswal, Religare India. Read More About Intraday Exposure.

Q. What is short sell in nse share market ?

A.Some times Intraday traders can get confusion about short selling and can not understand the meaning of short sell here we have tried to explain the meaning of short sell in nse share market Read more About Short Selling in Day Trading.

Q. What is Nifty & Bank Nifty In Nse share market ?

A. Nifty Reflects the Movement in the Top 50 Stocks in the Nse Share Market, While Bank Nifty Reflects the Gains or Losses in the Banking Sector.

Q. What is Rollover in Nse share Market ?

A.Roll over means Carry Forward Your Future Stock Positions to Next Month in Fno Segment of Nse Market.

Q. Intraday Trading Rules ?

A. We have Provided a Set of Important Trading Rules for Intraday Traders to Trade in Share Market. If a Traders follows this rules, he will have a Great Success in Intraday Trading.

Q. What is the Term "Sector" in Nse Market?

A.A Specific Industry in Nse Market is Referred as Sector in Nse Market. Cement Stocks or Cement Industry is termed as Cement sector, Stocks like Maruti, Mahindra i.e Automobile Stocks are Reffered as Stocks from Auto Sector. There are also some other Sectors like Pharma Sector, Sugar Sector, Banking Sector, Power Sector, Metal Sector, Aviation Sector, IT Sector, Real Estate sector etc.


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