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FII & DII their Trading Activity & Its Effects on NSE Market in India

FII/FPI & DII Trading Activity on NSE

A1 Intraday Tips has developed the best trading tricks and strategies, FII/ DII data which will help day traders to select share to buy today in Indian stock market. Any Buying or Short Selling i.e Trading Activity done in Nse Share Market in Bulk can move the price of the particular stock either up or down a lot in terms of price of that stock.

When a trading is done in bulk, either that is done by FII or DII. The have lot of Capital with them which they can use to trade in share market to make money.

What do you mean by Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) .

Foreign Institutional Investor (FII), FIIs (Foreign Institutional investors) refers to investors like banks, insurance companies, mutual funds etc registered in a Foreign country i.e outside of India that Invest their money in our Share Market. A UK Based Mutual Fund which invests in the Indian Nse Stock Market can be called as FII. FIIs usually have large sums of money, they invest those in a stock market, after doing research of the economy of our country.

Any Buying or Selling may severely affects our stock market i.e A basket buying in stock can lift stock market by 200-300 points, similarly a big selling in some stocks by FII's can bring down the nse by 250-350 points.

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What is Domestic Institutional Investors (DII)

DII = Domestic Institutional Investors (Institutions in India investing in Indian markets are DII's) Eg: LIC, HDFC Mutual Fund(AMC) etc. DIIs look for domestic opportunities. if FIIs are selling in indian equities normally, DIIs looks to buy already researched and sorted companies at lower prices to make money when market moves up.

FII and DII & Impact on Nse Market

Since both this, DII’s and FII’s are very big organizations with large financial resources, they have lot of money to invest. Morgan Stanley, HSBC, CLSA etc are a few examples of FII’s while LIC, mutual fund houses like Kotak, HDFC, ICICI are DII’s.

if they buy or they sell, they do it in large quantities this severely impacts the value of the stock it can go up by 10-15% in a day or it they sell, stock can go down by 20-30% too.

Daily many Bulk deals in NSE happen when these investors buy or sell into the Indian stocks.

FII / DII DATA - updated on TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020

Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) / Foreign Portfolio Investment FPI DATA
Domestic Institutional Investors (DII) DATA
NET SELL  :   - 1562.62 CR
NET SELL  :   - 649.70 CR

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