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A1 Intraday Tips has given stock market education,Some of traders are not aware of stock market so here we tried to give some basic knowledge of Nse stock market. They are often stuck with the question as to what exactly is the stock market. They are not aware of the activities which happen in the stock market and how people make money in the stock market . A1 Intraday tips the Provider of Best share tips give you a brief idea easily.

Knowledge Centre for Day Traders

  • Defining Stock Exchange or share market.
  • The Stock exchange is recognized by the Central Government under section four of the Securities Contract Act of 1956. The trading of Company Stock exchange that is listed on the stock exchange it is known as Stock Exchange or the Stock Market.

  • Number of Stock exchanges in India
  • There are mainly 2 major Stock exchanges in India. The first one is National Stock Exchange and the other one is Bombay Stock Exchange.

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  • The activities happening in the stock market
  • You can buy equity shares and securities from the Stock market. Traders can buy and sell shares by various means by On Delivery Basis by margin or free stock tip trading. The share market is an important source for all the companies for raising money. This helps raise the extra financial capital for expanding the sale of shares owned by the companies in the public markets.

  • Share & Stocks
  • The company’s get themselves listed on the stock exchange once the Initial Public Offering completes. After a company is listed with the Stock Exchange, the company becomes Ltd.

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  • Share broker or trading company or dealer
  • In any stock market the trader cannot trade on his own. The traders need to trade with the help of some broker or some share broking company such as Religare, Reliance, etc.

  • Sub Brokers
  • Sub broker can be defined as a person or company who is not a member of the Stock exchange. This company acts on behalf of the share broker as a broker to assist the investors for buying, trading or selling the stocks through share broking companies.

  • Demat Account and Stocks Market
  • Demat Account is a very safe and convenient way to hold securities such as bank account. These days almost 99.9% settlements take place on the Demat mode. Therefore, it’s suggested to hold a demat account for trading on the stock exchanges.

  • Share Markets
  • To trade in the stock market, you need to have a trade account. Once you open a trading account, you can either buy or sell stocks online with the help of trading software. You can even also buy or sell shares on the phone. The broking companies record the communication of buying and selling.

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  • The amount required in the Stock markets
  • A trader can trade in the stock markets with a set amount. The amount of trade depends on the terms and conditions of the broking companies. Generally, the minimum amount of trading in the stock market is Rs.1000. But you should invest only the extra money in the share market.

    Investment in the stock market

    If any trader invests money in stocks for a certain period of time in order to gain some profits, it is known as an investment.

    Some of the common abbreviations used in the Stock Market


    Security Exchange Board Of India. 


    National Stock Exchange India. 


    Bombay Stock Exchange India. 


    The NIFTY index consists of 50 Stock Listed in National stock exchange's companies from 24 sectors 


    Buy Today Sell Tomorrow 


    Sell Today Buy Tomorrow 


    Future & Option




    Stop Loss


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