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How To Trade In Our A1 Intraday Tips Services

Q. In BTST / STBT call can we trade in cash segment?

A. Yes, but only in BTST CALL ( Buy today sell tomorrow ), you can take delivery in small qty (not more than 1 lot) but In STBT calls ( Sell today buy tomorrow ) Nse Day traders can’t carry forward position in cash segment, Day traders has to trade in F&o segment otherwise traders short position will be auction by the broking company automatically generally after 03:00 and before market closes.

Q. How to trade in our share tips messages ?

A.Be in the market i.e. Be in the Front of the Computer Screen. Trade at Same Time as soon as share tips SMS received in your mobile. Good mobile coverage is required. Keep the SMS Inbox clear.

Q. You send two targets TG1 & TG2 in your share tips so what should I do when the TG1 is achieved? Should I book profit or wait for the TG2?

A. This all entirely depends on the investors, what risks they have in mind and at what target they want to book profits, but our recommendation is that once the TG1 is achieved you should book 50% profit and for balance 50% you should can modify the Stop Loss to the buying and wait for the second target. So end of the day you will be in profit in case even if TG2 is not achieved. When markets is volatile, Safe traders should book 50%-100% of profit on our High or Low Alert.

Q.Is it necessary that I must have online trading terminal / account for intraday trading ?

A.We advise to trade in our Intraday stock tips by Online Trading account but its not compulsory as you can trade normally with your broker by calling him too.

Q.What is Intraday Jackpot call & how to trade in that Call ?

A. Whenever our expert team is sure, we will give JACKPOT call and we give both entry SMS and exit SMS. We give complete follow up till your position is open. We will give JACKPOT Stock tips call at any time & any day during the market hours.

Q.How much minimum investment required for your intraday stock tips ?

A.You can start with the capital of Rs. 5,000/-. It is up to you.

Q.In your F&O tips can we trade in cash segment ?

A.Yes, In our F&o call its not at all necessary that you should trade in f&o segment you can buy in cash segment also, just you have to adjust the rates (qty should not more than 1 lot ). More Information About Trading F&O Call in Cash.

Q.How to Trade in your Intraday Opening call ?

A.Our Opening call only for online traders if you are off line traders advise to leave opening call and do not trade. In Opening Call we give market trend & only one or two stock scripts for buying or selling. Know more about Pre-opening calls.

Q. Can I ask any recommendations or NIFTY trend on Phone ?

A.No we don't give any share tips recommendations on Phone. We give intraday share Tips by text SMS and via online software in our member login to only our paid members. Free trial members are not able login in our member login area.

Q. Do you recommend when to book profits or Exit ?

A. The key factor of A1 Intraday tips is that we give Exit call for both "to book the profit and loss". We give stop loss and target because of in any circumstance (due to technical problem which are not in human control) we can't contact you, you can follow our stop loss and targets.


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