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What is Intraday Trading

Benefits of Day Trading for Small Traders

The meaning of Intraday trading is day trading. In intraday trading traders close’s all his positions before closing of the Nse share Market. Intraday Trading is one of the best trading strategies in stock Market that help Day traders to make smart money in India Share Market. if intraday trading is done Professionally following specific rules, a trader is sure to make profits in share market. A1 Intraday Tips has provided below all the information about day trading with benefits of Day trading & how to do day trading, in Nifty, Bank Nifty, Cash Segment, F&O Segment, Option Call etc. It will be very helpful to day traders and also Beginners in Nse share Market.

A1 Intraday Tips has given some important information about NSE Share market and how to trade in Intraday trading to make money.

A1 Intraday Tips has given Important Rules for Day Trading (Intraday Trading) so Day traders can minimize their losses and get maximum profits by day trading in stock market. A1 Intraday Tips request our clients as well as beginners in day trading to read this rules carefully, to get nice profit in stock market while trading in our stock tips in stock market.

Day Trading is one of the best trading strategies to get more profit in short time with small capital in Nse Share Market. For day Trading, Intraday Traders has to some Basics Knowledge like Intraday exposure, how to short sell, how to trade in F&O segment, How to trade in option call etc. before they Start day trading in Nse Stock Market.

We are giving small example for Day trading so beginners to understands what is Day trading (Intraday trading)
Example of Day Trading (Intraday Trading)
Mr. Dharmesh Panchal is Having capital of Rs.10,000 and want to buy PNB ( Punjab National Bank ) @ 800. So in normal trading he is not able to buy 50 share of PNB in RS. 10,000 but in intraday trading he can buy , because he will get 4 times Intraday exposure from his share broker ( According to the policy of Trading Company /Stock Broker ) for Day trading.

But Mr. Dharmesh Panchal has to sell 50 PNB before closing the market same day otherwise his broker will sell without his permission before 10 to 15 minutes of closing the market according their policy.

Benefits Of Intraday Trading (day trading)
1) Day traders can trade with small capital
2) Day traders can trade with low brokerage. Normally stock brokers charge 1 Paisa or maximum 2 paisa charge for intraday trading.
3) Day Traders can get extra exposure for intraday trading.
4) A Day trader has to trade according to market trend of stock market.
5) Day Traders do not have risk, as they don’t keep their positions open for next trading day. Now Indian share market is depended upon happenings in global market. If any negative news in global market will bring our market down when it opens for trading.


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