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Best F&O (Future and Option) Call in NSE Intraday trading

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What do you mean by futures and options ?

Futures and options are two of the most common form of "Derivatives". Derivatives are financial instruments that derive their value from an 'underlying'. The underlying in NSE stock market is a stock issued by a company.

Both futures and options are derivatives instruments and therefore they are riskier than the day trading done in equity segments. But if you do it properly both futures and options can be safer than normal stock trading.

Example of F&O

Anil Sharma buys a futures contract to buy 1 Lot ( 500 shares) of Reliance at Rs 1400 each on 04 May 20. At the expiry of the contract i.e Last Thursday of the month i.e on 28th May 2020.

Anil Sharma will get those shares at Rs 1400, if the market price goes up to Rs 1500, Mr. Anil Sharma can sell those shares at Rs 1500 each, and make profit of 100 Rs on each share i.e 50,000.

But If the share price of Reliance falls by Rs 50, he will be at a loss of Rs 50/- on each share i.e 25,000 of total loss. Kindly note that Anil Sharma can sell the lot at any time, and do not have to wait for expiry.

There are of two types contracts: futures contract and options contract

What is a futures contract ?

Futures Contracts means you agree to buy or sell the underlying security at a 'future' date. If you buy the contract, you promise to pay the price at a specified time. If you sell it, you must transfer it to the buyer at a specified price in the future.

What is an options contract?

Options Contract gives the buyer the right to buy/sell the underlying asset at a predetermined price, within, or at end of a specified period. He is, however, not obligated to do so. The seller of an option is obligated to settle it when the buyer exercises his right. A call option is a right to buy while a put option is a right to sell.

Call Option v/s Put Option

PE- Put Option and CE- Call Option are terms in option trading. CE means call option,instead of buying a stock you can buy call option. PE means put option, instead of selling a stock you can buy a put option. When market goes up, you should buy CE. When market goes down, you should buy PE.

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How are F&O contracts different from each other ?

In futures contracts, the buyer and the seller have an unlimited loss or profit potential. The buyer of an option can make unlimited profit and faces limited downside risk. The seller, on the other hand, can make limited profit but faces unlimited downside

Benefits of F&O contracts.

  • Investing in F&O needs less capital.

  • Required to pay only margin money .(5-20 per cent of the contract)

  • Larger profit with Low Capital.

  • Low brokerage compare to delivery.

  • Traders Can short sell for one month in F&o Segment.

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