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Which is the best Android app for Intraday trading tips?

Which is the best Android app for Intraday trading tips?


Best Android app for Intraday trading tips

Best android app for Intraday trading tips – there are various applications used in today’s world for performing various functions of stock exchange and obtaining knowledge of stock exchange in an improved way. You are just a click away from getting access to any and every information related to trading, but the question is how an application can help you with advanced functions and analytics.

Best Android based apps which are useful in Intraday trading tips

The applications which we are going to talk here are one of the best and finest android based apps which are useful to win in intraday trading. These finest applications are designed in India on android platforms to keep up with the functioning of Indian Stock Market (NSE & BSE) in mind. These applications have an innovative UI and user friendly platform which makes them unique as compared to various other applications available for such related functions.

All the information is showcased graphically and in tabular form in some cases with the help of interactive charts and bars to help you to interpret them easily, saving time and energy along with speeding up your valuable instants for analysis.

All the information like price graph, weekly & monthly high-low, closing matrix, delivery and percentage of total volume graphically, basic reviews, detailed results for quarter/half year/annual and interactive graphs for comparison of last 5 periods are provided.

Offering Market Analytics

A best intraday trading android app should have analytics and offer additional information like standalone and consolidated financials, ratio analysis including various other informative ratios, interactive balance sheets, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, shareholding pattern and major shareholders since last 5 years.

It should also provide regular updates according to your profit targets set for particular scripts. This is of a great help for the traders who are dealing regularly in intraday. The application should keeps you updated with major ups and downs of the stocks which you have in your portfolio and also provide you with notifications on regular intervals to keep you aware of the market situations. It should also provide tips for intraday traders on the basis of their deep analysis of the stocks. It should guide with techniques currently implemented by experts in the market.


Thus in my opinion an android app with above features and functionalities is the best application on your mobile which can be helpful to you in multiple ways from anywhere and at anytime.

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