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Information regarding Investor Complaint / Grievance Redressal Mechanism in Accordance with SEBI Circular No CIR/MIRSD/3/2014 dated 28th August 2014

Dear Traders If you have any complain or grievance against a1intradaytips.in, we request you please follow the below step given below to register your complain/ grievance with a1intradaytips.in.

STEP 1 :- All Traders or Investors having complain or grievance against a1intradaytips.in share tips service shall write a e-mail at info@a1intradaytips.in. To ensure timely recording and recognition of the grievance or complaint our Customer Executive will answer in 48 hours ( 2 days.< ).

STEP 2 :- In case Trader or Investor is not satisfied with the response, the complain or grievance can be escalated to Compliance officer at info@a1intradaytips.in with the subject of Complaint to Compliance officer and can also can call to on 07506090788. He shall ensure to resolve your complain or grievance within 3 working days.

STEP 3 :- If Traders or Investors is not satisfied with compliance officer’s redressed and wants to escalate the complain or grievance to higher authority, Please call to 07600797534.

STEP 4 :- If you are not satisfied with the response from A1 Intraday tips, then you can contact SEBI through their Grievance Redressal Portal at http://scores.gov.in or you may also write to any offices of SEBI. For any queries, feedback or assistance, please contact SEBI office on Toll Free Helpline at 1800 22 7575 / 1800 266 7575

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Please be sure that that in any circumstances Trader or Investor will do call on all numbers on same time & also will mail to all the steps, it won’t be considered as escalated matter, it shall in any case start from step 1 and only in case of a separate mail after expiration or reply from the previous step willl the complaint be considered at next step.

a1intradaytips.in aim is to give best satisfaction to our Client

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