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Day Trading Tricks for Nse Traders

Day Trading Tricks are very good for day trading. We have tried to explain some important Intraday trading tricks. If you follow these day trading tips and day trading tricks, that will help you to earn profit and minimize your losses too when you trade in stock market.

Our Intraday Trading Tips

We will be Sending you One Equity Call & 3-4 Calls in Futures and Options Segment during the day. You will get proper SMS of Entry with Price & Qty, target hit, exit, Sl trigger sms in this 3-5 calls via SMS. We update this calls in our past performance records after market hours in 10-15 mins.

We also send 3-4 High Risky calls in Futures Segment. This calls are for High Risky Traders as we don't count them in our Past performance nor give any exit in those calls.

Apart from all of this calls, some times we send Positional based Buy calls, as well as Options calls. We don't count these call in our Past performance records.

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Features of our Intraday Trading Tricks

    • If the market is in our favour we will provide more calls and request all members to Trade in our all calls depends upon their risk capability and if market is not in our favour we will give 1-2 calls and windup for the day.

    • Safe traders are requested if you earn good amount in our first 2/3 calls we advise to lock this profit and either square off your all positions and exit for the day or trade only in small qty in other calls. This idea will surely help you to take good amount at home at the end of the day.

    • We don’t count risky, positional & option calls in Nse in our Past Performance Report but it does not mean that you should not trade in these calls but if you are a safe trader, we recommend to trade in small qty in this stock tips in Nse stock market. We also don’t give exit or alert i.e follow up messages in these calls.

    • We request to all members please do not disturb in the running market by calling our customer care numbers regarding our given stock tips for that day. You will get completely follow up of our calls and due to some technical problem if we can’t sms to you, please follow our stop loss & given targets.

    • Safe traders are requested to please keep booking profit when our Share trading tips are in favour, and don’t wait for our alert or target hit sms.

    • Pre Opening call is only for online & professional traders not for offline & beginners traders.

    • Members are requested do not average in our loss calls. Don’t ever buy more to average; this will lead to loss of all capital. If stock is moving other way, safe traders are advised to exit from the hold position before stop loss get trigger and you incurr huge loss.

    • In our F&o calls small traders can trade in cash segment Read more About How to Trade in Cash Segment

    • The Main Intraday trading tricks is Analysing Intraday trend, which is our best friend means, If the stock is going up don’t sell and same way if stock is going down don’t buy in Nse share market.

    • Don’t put your all capital in one call, trade in our call with equal fund and not equal qty ie if you have a capital of 50,000 and a broking company is giving you a margin of 3 times, So you day trading limit is 1,50,000/- . We advised you to buy or sell stock worth Rs 50,000 in our each share tips call. As we will keep 2-3 calls at a time, you can trade in all calls with the available margin for trade.

    • Stop Loss is very important; don’t ever change the stop loss once you have set the same in our calls. Only an Only if we advised you to changed the same, you can change as per our updated sms.

    • Finalize your Daily Targets ie. 5000 Profit or 2,500 Loss. If your M2M is plus 5000, square off your all positions, book profit and dont put any trade after that, same way if you have loss 2,500, exit your positions and stop trading for the day.

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Our Advised to our Paid Members

We advised our paid members who are getting our stock tips services to allways read our Member login first, before they start trading live in stock market, we allways update the member login before 09.00 am and it help day trader with all the required information that is beneficial for trading.

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