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Intraday Tips - Bullish / Bearish stock for the Day

Updated on Friday, October 13, 2023 Time : 09:00 a.m.

Market Sentiments - Bullish / Bearish Stocks for day trading

How to trade using our free intraday tips & Market Trend.

Our Below mentioned Intraday share tips, market trend, Bullish / Bearish Stocks are only for professional traders who trade online using their computers, laptops or mobiles.

Also note that we update this page before market opens for trading i.e by 09:00 A.M. Market trend might change after its opens for trading or during the day.

After NSE market opens for day trading lots of factor can affect movement in our nse market. Any Major news in Global market, Any International or domestic political news, Insider information, Companies result & Rumour. So we request Intraday traders to first study the market trend, Sector trend and all factors before taking the trade in below mentioned stocks.

Please don't trade in Nse without puting your stop loss. Don't change your stop loss. Trade as per movement in Nifty, Bank Nifty. Also trade as per your own risk capacity.

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Intraday Nifty View For The Day

Five Bullish Stock for Day Trading.


How to Trade in Bullish Stocks

We advice day trader to first add all this stock on your trading screen and wait for market to open. Don't trade for first 10-15 minutes, let the market settled for some time. If Market trend is bullish and Nifty is moving up Start taking positions in above in any scrip if that is also moving up with volumes. One you have taken positions, decide your targets and stop loss and follow the same.

Five Bearish Stock for Day Traders.


How to Trade in Bearish Stocks

Keep all this stock in your screen, if you see them going down i.e Market trend is bearish, after market opens for trading, you can short sell them any time during the day. When ever you short sell them, decide your target1, target 2 and stop loss. Please follow your stop loss srictly. Our Techical team will not be giving any follow-up in this call.

Our Stock Tips Performance in Nse Market

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