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  • We Daily Send One Equity Cash Call and 2-3 Calls in F&o Segment with Follow up till call is open. Traders can also Trade our F&o call in Cash Segment.
  • We also send 2-3 Index Based Calls in Nifty / Bank Nifty with Full Follow up till call is open.
  • We send 1-2 Positional Calls, 2/3 Calls in Options in a Week and 3-4 High Risky Calls without Target or Stop Loss, No Followup and We Dont count this calls in our Past Performance Reports.

Some time we may give 1-2 Calls, 4-5 Calls, or 7-10 Calls Depending on the Market Conditions and Volatility.

We Send our stock tips for our paid member First using premium sms gateway and after 4-5 Seconds gap our Stock tips reaches our Free Trial Clients. This has been done so that our Members can take the positions in our Calls as soon as possible and at the rates mentioned by us in our calls. We also send our Follow up messages like High/ Low alerts, Target Hit Sms and Even our stop loss trigger sms to our Paid members first and then after few seconds it reaches our Free Trial Clients.

Only Paid Members are allowed to login to our Member Login Services in our Live Automated Calls via a userid and pwd provided to them. Paid Members have also option of viewing our calls in our Member Login in our Live Automated Calls. We have described in detail about our Live automated calls. Click Here to Know More about our Live Automated Calls and using the same for quick action in day trading.

Member Login for Day Traders

We update our Member Login with Lot of Information that will help day trades to plan their trading by 08:45 to 09:00 am before market opens. Once our member login is updated, we send sms to our paid members to login to our Member Login to check the same.
We provide update about Today's Opening Market Trend, Today's Intraday Nifty Level, Nifty View, Trading view in 1st Half, Trading View in 2nd Half.

We also update One Hot Scrip for Day Traders along with Today Intraday market View.

Our Intraday Technical team will also update the information about which sector is Bullish today and Which sector is Bearish today. This will help traders to trade accordingly in selected sectors.

Member Login View for paid members

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Live Automated Calls

Traders should trade very fast in our stock tips as they arrive via sms or live automated call in our member login section. We recommend traders to Login to our Website using internet explorer (Chrome Doesn't Support). Our Member login section has Live automated calls button, on clicking the same a new window will get open in a browser. You will have to keep this window open, so whenever our share tips team sends any call, it will buzz a sound and show you the latest tips that we have sent to our clients by sms.

Live automated Calls is very fast as well has accurate method of receiving our share market tips in our website. This facility is an extra facility available only for paid members for receiving the stock tips services. This is very fast and also very reliable than our premium sms services for receiving our share tips for day trading in share market.

Features of our Live Automated Calls

  • Its a very Fast and Reliable way of Getting our Stock tips.
  • Only Paid Members have access to our Live Automated Calls.
  • Member will get a list of all the Sms sent on a particular day in once Screen.
  • A paid Member will also get a tablular view of all the 4-5 Stock tips Sent by us with the current status of the Stock Given as a Share market tips

Live Automated Calls

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