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Free Stock Tip

Stock tips services for free Trial members in Nse share Market

A1 Intraday Tips provide one time Two days free trial on mobile by sms to Intraday traders, here we have given the information about our free Stock tips services for trial member to avoid member doubt and confusion .

We give following Stock Tips to Free Trail members for Intraday Trading.

  • Intraday Equity Cash Call.
  • F&o Calls (Future and Options call).
  • Jackpot Call in F&o Section.
  • Sure-shot Call
  • Option Call
  • Nifty Call
  • Bank Nifty call
  • BTST / STBT Call.

How to trade in Our stock tips ?

Pre-Opening Stock Market Messages

We send Nifty Level, Market trend, and idea about how the Nse stock market will behave during the day.

Pre-Opening Call

We give maximum two stock tips before market opens, without target and stop loss. This pre-opening call is only for Professional online traders and not for beginners and Offline traders. Please read more about Pre-Opening call.

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Equity Cash Call

We send this equity call after market opens between 09:15 to 09:45 am. This stock should be traded in Cash Segment. To Know more about Please Read more about Equity Cash Call in Stock market

F&o Call

During the day, we send one for two f&o calls, you can trade this f&o call in cash segment by adjusting the rates difference in both the segment in nse exchange of share market. Read more about F&o Call

Jackpot Call

When our Experts team is 90% sure, they send jackpot call any time during the day in F&O segment. You can also trade this call in cash segment by adjusting the rate difference. Click here for detailed information about our Jackpot call for Intraday Traders

Sure – Shot Call

Once or twice in a week, we give sure–shot call in f&o segment or cash segment in nse share market. Read more about how to trade in Sure shot call.

Nifty / Bank Nifty Call

Our technical team sends Nifty / Bank Nifty Calls two to three times in a week. Please follow our targets and stop loss. For more details read Trading in our Nifty and Bank Nifty Calls

Option Call

We send option call once in a week. We normally give exit in this call the same day. For more information read our Option call for small investors

Positional Call

We give two to three positional also called as delivery calls in a week. We dont count this calls in our Past Performance Reports.

BTST / STBT-call

BTST CALL (Buy today sell tomorrow) and STBT CALL (sell today and buy tomorrow) are given according to market trend, normally we give 3-4 calls in a week. Read more about how to trade in BTST/ STBT calls

High Risky Calls

We also send 3-4 High Risky Calls, We don't give followup of this Risky calls and also don't count them in our Past Performance Records.

Free Trial Members will not get following during his free trial period.

  • User id and password to access our Member Login Area.
  • Free Trial member are not allowed to call during the market hours.
  • First we send the best stock market tips to paid-members by premium gateway, so free trial members will get the sms little late by 3-4 seconds.
  • Free trial member will not get Exit call in BTST if the call is kept open for next trading session on the following market day.

  • Important Note: before trading in our above stock tips please Read How to trade in share market in our Calls


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